Message from Dean

Shunsuke Ishimitsu

The Faculty and Graduate School of Information Sciences, Hiroshima City University has had an enduring presence for three decades, predating the worldwide implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). Its founding objective was to enlighten regarding the future, much like a vigilant lighthouse that withstands turbulent seas and illuminates distant vistas. The groundwork for a comprehensive education in information science has been laid with meticulous care. The demand is intensifying for information technology experts, coupled with the transition of rudimentary subjects (e.g., reading, writing, and computation) to advanced fields, such as mathematics, data science, and AI. With an unwavering foundation firmly in place, the Faculty and Graduate School of Information Sciences shall illuminate—much like a beacon of light—your path.

Establishing a strong knowledge base, anticipating and preparing for the future, and forging a path in the realm of information science are strongly recommended. High aspirations are held for you, the future torchbearers.