Message from Dean

Kaori Maeda

The current information society has evolved by technology innovation of information processing and information communications. Faculty and Graduate School of Information Sciences, Hiroshima City University have been researching the latest technologies to create information society such as high performance computing, the Internet, data mining, image processing, and computer security. It started more than 25 years ago before entering the current Artificial Intelligence (AI) age. Integration of technologies of four departments in our faculty and graduate school; Computer and Network Engineering, Intelligent Systems, System Engineering, and Biomedical Information Sciences created the current information society and advances it. Each department provides education of not only its own expert knowledges and technologies and all departments provide the technologies on information engineering and information sciences related to each other.

The society is increasingly globalized and complicated by information technology progress. The next stage in dynamically changing expects an expert who can create new value by acquiring information technology for advanced information society. Our faculty members educate the expected experts in challenge to create the latest information technology.